Fall Preview at Saks OFF 5th


This past weekend, I kicked off my Saturday with a fun and very information Fall Fashion preview at Saks OFF 5th, located at the Vineland Outlets in Orlando, Florida. Our hostess was none other than, OrlandoFashionGirl! I was so excited to meet her and she was so super sweet.

Prior to this event, I had never stepped foot into Saks OFF 5th and boy was I ashamed!

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Try RocksBox Jewelry for Free!


Here is one monthly subscription, you do NOT want to miss out on. I was so excited when RocksBox reached out to do a collaboration with me.

I have an obsession with costume jewelry, but some times it can be difficult to find quality pieces at affordable prices. The convenience of RocksBox makes it so easy to get quality jewelry delivered directly to me every 30 days.

Want to try it for free? Keep reading…

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How to Overcome the Anxiety of a New Beginning


Happy September 1st!!

As the Summer ends (for everyone except us Floridians) and Fall starts to creep in, I like to use this time to reflect on the past few months. I think about the changes that have taken place in my life and how I, personally, have grown. I consider the obstacles I have had to overcome and I question if I am headed in the right direction.

At times, you may need to re-evaluate where you are headed and the people you surround yourself with. I have dealt with a lot in the past year. Between break-ups, miscarriage, depression, switching jobs, changing cities and then back again – I have been through it! You hear me? But still I rise…

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Foodie’s Choice: Retro Station Italian Food


Hershey's Ice Cream

Retro Station Kissimmee

Retro Station Owners

Orlando’s newest restaurant is finally open!! Retro Station is owned by two of the sweetest Brazilians I have ever met. The Rabello’s, husband and wife duo, have been running this 1950’s retro bar for the past 11 years in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They recently decided to bring their love for food to America.

Well Orlando, we got lucky this time! Retro Station is bringing the flavor with some amazing Italian recipes and a fun evening of rockabilly shuckin’ and jivin’. Located in Kissimmee, right across the street from O-Town – this retro themed restaurant is large enough to host you and your family for a fun night.

This week I had the opportunity of trying out a delicious variety of items from their menu and I am so excited to share my experience with you.

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Crissy’s Favorite Summer ’16 Looks

This summer I was so in love with the different prints and off the shoulder tops! I cannot get enough. I decided to put together a little collection of my favorite looks of the summer just for you.

You want to always have staple pieces like a versatile pair of shades, a hat, and comfy shoes. Keeping the colors somewhat neutral makes it easier to mix and match. Although, I sometimes like to add a pop of color.

This is a sharable collection; so feel free to click on anything you might be interested in.

What were your favorites this summer? Comment below and let me know.

Xo –

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Shed No Tear…Scottie’s is Here!

Soft Summer Moments

This is a sponsored post

Summer is almost over and I cannot believe how fast it flew by. I feel like it was just yesterday that the kiddos got out of school. And now, my timeline is flooded with back to school photos and mommies being all emotional about the first day of school.

I don’t have children, but I remember those days of getting up and being all excited to wear that new outfit to school and carrying my new book bag around campus. Now, summer has a whole new meaning for me. I look forward to wearing jeans all week at work and not needing an excuse to lay out by the pool or go to the beach.

Of course, living in Florida, there are some things about the summer time that I will NOT miss. Like getting into a hot and steamy car after leaving it in the sun for only 5 minutes (slight exaggeration).

This summer has been a little different for me. I started a new job and got a new car. But I also lost sight of my passion. Well I didn’t really lose sight – more like, my blog was compromised!! Everything was deleted and here I am starting all over again. I was very upset at first. I cried a lot and tried very hard to recover what I could. But in the end, I had to look at the positive.

I now get to re-invent my blog. It’s a fresh start all around in my life. So while the kids are starting fresh in a new school year. I feel like the end of summer has brought about a fresh new outlook on life for me.


Thanks to Scottie’s I was able to dry every tear and wipe away any snot that came out my nose. 🙂 I truly cannot express how much I appreciate Scottie’s Facial Tissue for helping me get back to blogging and being there when I needed them.

I know it may sound silly, but had this has truly been a relief for me. Being able to get back to writing and letting all of you know what happened to my site. I have to rebuild again, but I know everything will be okay.

So mommies don’t worry – Scottie’s Tissue can be there for you too. Enter to win the Scottie’s Facial Tissue giveaway here.

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You can also purchase boxes of tissue here – you know your kids will need them eventually and you are not even done crying yet about how cute they look wearing that oversized backpack. Plus, it will be delivered right to your doorstep.

Do you have a Soft Summer Moment? If so, share below in the comments. I would love to hear about it!


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